Analysis of the decay and of material

Leonardo srl carries out cognitive and diagnostic laboratory analyses and on site, enabling them to define the typology of the materials and determine their state of conservation, identifying the causes and origins of the decay. Mineralogical-petrographical analyses are carried out for the classification of mortar and slab materials and micro-stratigraphical analyses to define the sequence of pictorial layers of both the finishes and the underlying base, identifying the organic and inorganic materials (pigments, binding materials, treatments) of their composition in a detailed manner. Furthermore, analyses are carried out which are useful for determining the presence of dampness by means of weight analyses and the qualitative and quantitative verification of the presence of soluble salts.

Further to the analyses described above, Leonardo carries out a series of analyses (testing absorption using contact sponges, etc.) which can be brought directly on site, even throughout the course of the restoration, with the objective of defining the effectiveness of the treatments carried out in relation to, for example, the final consolidation work or protective finish applied to the surfaces.

This approach is also applied at the post-restoration monitoring stage, with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of the treatments carried out and the planning of the eventual maintenance work, guaranteeing the duration of the work and at the same time reducing the costs of their execution.