Protection of the environment through the Restauro Verde® system (Green Restoration System)

For Leonardo the health and safety and the environment of its workers is a priority, as is that of its clients for whom the intervention work is being carried out.

For this purpose, the company has established a protocol called Restauro Verde®, which has been applied to its sites and activities since 2009. Thanks to the Restauro Verde® system, specific procedures are activated when choosing natural and handmade materials, in their energy-saving policies, in the management and disposal of waste, and in the waste reduction in all business operations.

Regarding cleaning processes, for example, bio-technical products, which are non-damaging to the workers or the environment, are used as substitutes for chemical substances, while nano-technological products are adopted which, besides protecting the surfaces from atmospheric agents, absorb the pollution and return purified substances to the air.

In confirmation of the above, Leonardo has become a member of the Green Building Council Italia, the international non-profit organisation which works towards sustainable building, and has started applying some of the elements of the LEED system (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to its restoration work..

The Restauro Verde® system has won the Economia Verde 2013 (The Green Economy Award, 2013).


Restauro Verde® system